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How to Prepare for a Booking


MOUTH – Brush teeth, rinse mouth and drink plenty of water

HANDS – Wash hands thoroughly, scrub and trim nails

GENITALS – Wash the entire genital area daily with soap, including anus, scrotum and penis. Retract foreskin fully when you wash. For other genital presentations, wash the entire area thoroughly.

* Pubic hair is not unhygienic, though shaving can cause skin irritation or infection. My personal preference is for trimmed or natural, but when it comes to your pubes you do you!
* Sweating and body odour is normal (and sexy even!) washing with soap when you shower is good enough, no need for excessive deodorant usage!

How to Self Examine

Checking your genitals before a booking is quick, easy and reduces the risk of embarrassment or disappointment when we meet. Even if you have never had sex it is important to self examine.

LOOK – Can you see anything out of the ordinary? like redness, rashes, lumps, lesions, blisters, sores, inflammation pus or discharge. Using a light, look everywhere around your mouth, penis, scrotum, anus, behind the foreskin, through pubic hair and surrounding genital area. If necessary use a mirror.

FEEL – Is anything painful to the touch? Feel for itching, inflammation or pain when urinating

SMELL – are there any unpleasant odours? 
If you detect anything unusual you will need to reschedule our appointment until after you have been given the all clear by a doctor.
Lots of people have harmless moles, pigmentation, benign cysts, papules etc. If you are concerned though, let me know in advance or get a doctors certificate.

Maintaining Good Sexual Health

If you have concerns about your sexual health go to a doctor and request a sexual health examination. There is no shame in doing this. If you have multiple sexual partners I recommend getting tested every three months even if you have no symptoms. 

You can receive free and anonymous sexual health screenings at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre 580 Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053 – Or just go to any doctor.

These are the routines I personally practise.